Using Sharesies I'll often check out my Total return summary and see that I'm down x dollars, then I scroll through my investments to see what in particular has gone down.

As a customer I would like a view where I can see how all of my investments are doing at once. And I would like to see what my biggest investments are.

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I pictured the investment breakdown as a donut chart, visually similar to the existing Diversity of Funds chart. I find that most popular shares are 'high risk' so that chart doesn't provide much information to me.

I pictured the Portfolio Growth as a multi line chart. Giving some detail to the existing Total Growth chart.

A challenge with this feature would be keeping the charts readable for users with many investments. For the donut chart we could aggregate the bottom x% of investments into one section. For the line chart I wouldn't use the dollar amount of the stock price since the purpose is to see generally what is going up/down. I would use the dollar amount of the change at close compared to what the customer bought it at.

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See the prototype below


Feature Idea

This is a UI mockup for a feature I'd like to see.